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The Manager

Kylee’s pretty quick with a joke, but she’s also no-nonsense. Her job keeps her busy, overseeing everything that’s coming and going. But, to Kylee, the most important thing she oversees is everyone’s safety. Her meerkats are always on the lookout for any potential risks.

Kylee’s workmates definitely look to her to take the lead, so she tries her best to keep an eye on everyone. Sometimes it feels like her meerkats are looking in every direction at once – like she’s got eyes in the back of her head.

Hands-on, that’s Kylee’s style. If she senses something is up and she can sort it herself, she’ll do it. She’s not afraid to point out when her workmates are doing things that are a bit dicey too – normally delivered with a joke and a smile.

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The Veteran

Shane is a bit of legend. He’s worked there longer than anyone else and he’s definitely seen it all before. He knows a lot of the traps the newer guys can fall into. Because, many years ago, he fell into them too. Not that he’ll admit it.

Shane reckons he’s got a nose for danger. So do his meerkats. With all his experience he feels like it’s his duty to look out for his younger workmates. He knows the signs – if someone looks a bit tired or distracted, he’s normally the first to pick up on it.

He’s a wise old head, so Shane’s philosophy when it comes to danger is “nip it in the bud.” There’s no point in waiting to see if things are going to go pear-shaped. If you think something’s a bit dodgy, say something or do something about it.

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The Part-Timer

Daz’s pretty new and just does a couple of days a week, but he’s already well-liked by the crew. Everyone’s been so nice and welcoming that Daz feels like the least he can do is keep an eye out and make sure they’re safe.

Because he’s new, Daz has a unique perspective on things. He’s a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes Daz and his meerkats notice dangers that no one else does, because everyone else has just gotten used to them. It’s like they’re blind to the things that Daz spots.

At first, Daz felt a bit weird about pointing out possible dangers to his workmates. Because he was new he thought maybe they wouldn’t take it well. But, he figured he’d rather say something and look after them, than say nothing and end up losing them.

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The Farmhand

Ben’s a pretty hard case. He’s always telling funny stories from his weekend, or his plans to make it big. But, just because he’s always joking around doesn’t mean he doesn’t take safety seriously. If his boss, Gaz, forgets to use his seatbelt, Ben will start meerkatting hard as he puts it, and Gaz definitely hears all about it.

Ben doesn’t just talk non-stop, he safeties non-stop too. He could be in the middle of one of his epic stories, his mouth running at full tilt, but his senses are running just as fast, constantly on the lookout for anything that might be a danger. That’s how Gaz knows when something’s up – Ben will suddenly go silent.

When it comes to speaking up about safety, Ben isn’t shy. He’s just got his own style. He’ll give Gaz “that look” – the one that says, “Bro, are you for real?”. If Gaz doesn’t get the point, he’ll follow it up with his catchphrase, “I’m meerkatting pretty hard eh?” and shoot a look at Gaz’s unused seatbelt. Once it’s clicked in place, Ben goes straight back to his yarn, like he never left off.