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[ meer-kat-ting ]


To stay risk-aware and look out for your teammates in the workplace.

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Safety experts in the wild, and the workplace

Meerkats are inquisitive and wary creatures. Experts at sensing danger in the wild, they work together to fend off risks and protect the team. Like meerkats, we also have an innate sense for safety. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement to act on that instinct, and make sure we're putting our inner-meerkats to work.

Why we chose meerkats

Listen to your inner-meerkat

It isn't enough to just spot a risk. To keep your teammates safe, you also need to take action. Select each card below and learn how to resolve different risks around the workplace.

Print a poster

Sometimes we all need a reminder to check if our inner-meerkats are on duty. Help your team stay alert and aware in the workplace with these printable posters.

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Something's Up Poster 1

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Something's Up Poster 2

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Something's Up Poster 3

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